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Nancy Jackson

Nancy Jackson
As the Online Exit and Placement Specialist for graduates at SWIHA, Nancy Jackson is continually impressed by the graduates she works with. Almost always, they speak of experiences of transformation which have changed their perspective on many levels. When Nancy enrolled at SWIHA several years ago as a student in the Associate of Occupational Studies Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program, she came in as a successful, but heart-sick and weary corporate minion, searching for a way to express who she was truly born to be. At SWIHA, she was given permission to be who she had always known she was: a highly intuitive Divine Being connected to Spirit with a desire to serve. Nancy is honored to witness the process that SWIHA’s graduating students experience, whether they burst out the doors ready to serve or are still pondering the possibilities. She is proud to be part of the SWIHA experience, and feels blessed to have the opportunity.

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From Holistic Healing to Spirituality and Stress Relief: How a SWIHA Graduate Healed and Helps Others

By Nancy Jackson, Online Exit and Placement Specialist

An environmental science major turned holistic entrepreneur, Julie Conway has an interesting story about what brought her to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). Her journey started before she even heard of SWIHA, when she had to drop out of college as an environmental science major due to a debilitating illness. “Healing became a full-time job,” Julie writes on her website. She had every intention of finishing her degree, however, months and then years passed, and she was still physically unable to return to school. Eventually she gained enough strength to take online courses, but soon found herself overwhelmed and dropped her classes. She prayed, asking “what now?” She was nearly floored when she heard “a voice tell me to do nothing, just heal.” It was a huge leap of faith for her to trust that voice, and to put her goals on hold. She prayed that when the time was right for her to continue her education she would know it.

Having experienced personal healing using alternative therapies similar to what is taught at SWIHA, Julie became interested in learning more about those therapies. Searching online for holistic psychology degrees, she discovered the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology Online degree offered at SWIHA. “I contacted the school and instantly loved its energy. I felt like this was the sign I had been waiting for so I enrolled and was taking classes only a few weeks later. It was an excellent decision that has truly provided so much transformation.”

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Organically Manifesting a Dream: How a SWIHA Graduate Launched Her Business

By Nancy Jackson, Online Exit and Placement Specialist

“Believe in yourself – you are capable of great accomplishments.”

That’s the message Pam McCulloch, a recent Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) graduate, wants to share with current and future SWIHA graduates. Pam took her own advice, and while still pursuing her online degree in SWIHA’s Associate of Occupational Studies Mind-Body Transformational Psychology Online program, she launched her business, Paradise Organics.

Tender and organic fruit, herb, and vegetable starter plants is what Paradise Organics is all about, providing home gardeners with organic, non-GMO starters.

The Colorado based business teaches new gardeners how to get started in whatever growing space they have, even if it’s an apartment balcony.
As a full time gastro-intestinal tech assisting in outpatient surgeries, Pam was thrilled to add the role of self-employed urban farmer and business owner into her busy life. How did she make her urban farming business happen? She says she manifested it.

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