Great Graduates from SWIHA, SWINA & SOY

Ravynn Rohner: Willing to Sit in the Seat of the Teacher

Ravynn Rohner is a graduate who has literally transformed her life and humbly taken space in the seat of the teacher. In 2011, Ravynn started doing yoga regularly in her hometown of Casa Grande, Arizona and her teacher was a Spirit of Yoga graduate. Having taken Cranial Unwinding at SWIHA in 2007, she was familiar with the school, and began thinking about taking the 800-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

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Keta Baker: Divinely placed breadcrumbs lead to Life Coaching

Keta Baker is a true #GreatGraduate and the testimony of her journey is as divinely guided as she is. Keta’s story begins with her questioning the universe, “One Saturday afternoon in 2012, my sister brought me to this Italian restaurant in Phoenix. We pulled up to the restaurant and out of my mouth came the words, ‘This is a nice place to have my life coaching business housed in.’ This was followed by me looking up and saying, ‘What?’ . . . ‘What life coaching business?’” What Keta Baker didn’t fully understand at the time was that she was getting ‘downloads’ from Spirit.

Humbly, Keta explains, “I began to get these downloads of a whole business plan and what I was to do to help others as a Life Coach. I didn’t have anything to write on, so as soon as I got inside of the restaurant, I grabbed several napkins to record what I knew was God’s plan for my life. That evening I Googled what a Life Coach was and began searching for schools where I could learn to become a Life Coach. I prayed for direction for the path the Divine placed me on. A few days went by and after diligently listening and looking, SWIHA, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, came up.”

Keta quickly called the next day to schedule a tour of the SWIHA campus in Tempe, Arizona.

“When I walked in the main lobby, it felt like birds were singing, music was playing, and the sun was shining inside the building. The environment was so friendly and welcoming and provided this awesome feeling. I sat with an Admissions Coach and she went over Life Coaching and tuition for the program. When I left, my mission was to get $1800 so I could enroll in the program.”

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Adam Ramirez: Guiding Others To Healing From Within

Adam Ramirez was at a place in his life where he desired to finish his education in something that he could really utilize as part of the medicine path he was already beginning to follow. “I put that inclination out to the universe, as I kept getting a hint towards finalizing my education, and as I came home one summer a few years back I met a friend of my mothers who seemed to be finishing her schooling through SWIHA. She told me all about this wonderful school, and I knew from there it was meant to be.”

From a young age, Adam has been concerned with the human race and the way we impacted ourselves and the world around us. He knew from a young age that he wanted to take away all the suffering and demise of the world. He started “learning about the human race (sociology/psychology), learning of how I could help and be an instrument of medicine to the people. We all have a rhyme and reason for being on this planet, finding our key and opening the door is on our part in order to grow and flourish.”

Adam’s business is with “our Divine Mother Earth and our ancestors in helping to bring about right relationship, right, action, right mind, and right heart into the world as we see it.” He doesn’t have a particular business name and goes by his given name of “Shield of the Feather”, or the Ancestral Medicine Revival movement. Adam has traveled with his mentor, Balance Toe, and his brother all around the country with different medicine and elders, helping to preserve and share among others those services and medicines handed down from generation to generation. This work is an effort “to maintain and keep alive that which once served our ancestors in a much different time, which I believe is needed now more than ever in our world once again.”

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Ayesha Dalton: Passionate about Beauty and Service

Ayesha Dalton’s recently-opened spa, just over 9 months old, has a warm and loving atmosphere that exudes professionalism and pristine care. Ayesha’s passion for beauty and well-being developed long before her studies at the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics. She is passionate about what she does, sharing, “I value the importance of taking care of how I look. I’m here to help anyone who needs encouragement and advice to look and feel their best. Therefore my passion became obvious to me, as did the awareness that I should share this with all who want to experience it.”

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