Great Graduates from SWIHA, SWINA & SOY

Kathy Koziol: Magical Mala Mama

Kathy Koziol had just received her license as a Real Estate agent prior to enrolling at SWIHA. She did the job for just a single day, and immediately knew that she wanted her life to head in another direction. She was ready to fulfill her Dharma, her life’s purpose that she was Divinely designed for. Kathy had held many careers throughout her life: Elementary School Teacher, Army Officer, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Luxury Automobile Sales Consultant, Master Gardener and Stay at Home Mom (which she referred to as “Domestic Goddess). “I was very satisfied with my life and always have been. I cherish every moment of the life given to me,” shared Kathy. “Every experience I had, positive or negative, helped me to lay the foundation of where I am today.” However, she wasn’t satisfied with the path she was heading down from a career perspective. Enter SWIHA.

Kathy came to SWIHA to receive certification as an 800 Hour Yoga Therapist with a focus on Yoga Nidra Meditation and Sound Healing. As a former Army Veteran, she was grateful to use her Veteran’s Benefits for the program. As a deeply spiritual person, Kathy was really excited to dive into all the different classes and electives. From the very beginning of her SWIHA journey, Kathy was already clear on one of the ways she wanted to apply her education. “I had a deep yearning to work with Veterans who have PTSD. I have always been a Yogini, so I knew that was the path I wanted to take to help them.”

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Tami Sharp – An Unshakable Force

Like many SWIHA students’ stories before, the school just happened to find Tami Sharp. She had just moved to Arizona from Maui, Hawaii with her baby girl, so that she could be closer to her mom. Tami recalled the synchronicities that led her to joining SWIHA. “I had no intention on starting school but after a series of universal events, I tripped across SWIHA and within one week’s time found myself enrolled full time going for a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology with Certifications in Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki.”

Before moving to AZ, Tami had spent 10 years on Maui doing a wide range of jobs and businesses. As a professionally trained model and actress, she also had the honor of teaching modeling and acting to teenagers and young adults. It was through these teachings that she really found passion in helping others see their inner beauty, to find their own style and confidence, to believe in themselves and reach for their goals. “I was inspired everyday by these youths. I have helped with a lot of workshops, conferences and public speaking events and am passionate about inspiring others to live their most authentic and fulfilling lives.“

Going into SWIHA, Tami was aware of her intuitive abilities, yet SWIHA really helped her to develop and grow them.

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Talibah Young Veverly: Tapping Into the Soul of Healing

Talibah Young Veverly always knew she was meant to be a healer. When she was a child, her deep connection to the wide-open starry skies of Missouri nights made her feel like she was a part of something much greater. The vast forests around her home also echoed this sentiment. As an adult, she’s had countless synchronicities that have reminded her that she was indeed meant to be a healer.

There was the time in 2002 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento when a lady began shouting to her across the room, “You’re a healer!” She hurriedly came over to Talibah, put her hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eyes, and said “I’m a minister’s wife and I can see Jesus in your face. You’re meant to do healing work.” Then she just walked away, leaving Talibah in shock!

Then one time she had an astrological reading, where she was told “You need to write a book. When are you going to write it? You’re a master healer, and that’s the only way people are going to know who you are.” Lastly, Talibah mentioned the time she was at the Agape International center, waiting to meet Lisa Nichols, the author of the best-selling book The Secret. Out of nowhere, someone came up to her and said, “One day this will be a line that we’ll all be standing in to sign your book.”

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