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Alise Holland: Merchant of Hope

Alise HollandAlise Holland, like many of SWIHA’s students, was brought to the school by Spirit. On Labor Day, 2014, she saw a vision of a school for healing and the name, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, came through in her vision. At the time, she had been teaching in a public classroom for eight years, and took a leap of faith and left the classroom in 2011. Alise shared how, even though she had her Doctorate in Education and had a flexible job, she knew that there was something missing and needed to find out what SWIHA had to offer. “It wasn’t until I attended SWIHA to better understand myself and how I show up in the world… That’s when it became simple; my life purpose is to serve others and be a Merchant of Hope.”

Although she grew up in poverty, Alise has realized that nothing is truly wasted, and she is grateful for all of her challenges. “What I find is that now that I am on my spiritual path, I am able to share my knowledge with others to enlighten them on their own spiritual path. In other words, I am able to turn all of my sufferings into service to help others.” For the longest time, Alise couldn’t figure out why she chose to become a teacher, when her true passion resided in tapping into her spiritual gifts. After attending SWIHA, she learned why. “I am still a teacher and mentor, but my audience has changed. It is now the World, and I am destined to be a Spiritual Guide to souls throughout humanity. People need the right kinds of knowledge, yet I will be using my spiritual gifts and knowledge to educate souls.”

Alise graduated with a Holistic Wellness Practitioner diploma, specializing in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. Since her background is both in teaching and mentoring, it was natural for her to pursue the life-coaching track, and she also graduated with her certificate in Life Coaching. She will also become ordained as a Minister on December 4, 2015. “The entire SWIHA program was such a blessing and I am forever grateful,” Alise exclaimed.

Alise went on to open up a non-profit healing practice, named Alise Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center. The mission of the center is to: “Educate, guide, heal, and empower every individual to become his or her personal best to live a balanced life in body, mind, and spirit. We believe strongly that we are here to help provide spiritual education, guidance, healing, and transformation to help enable people to create positive and lasting changes that will benefit them on their life journey.” The most challenging part of starting her business? Finding clients. “It is easier to find clients for academic matters, but not spiritual guidance or coaching.” The easiest part? “Creating the business plan in one of my SWIHA business classes!”

Alise Holland

Alise shared that she serves most of her clients online. The main office is located in Austin, Texas, and she will be opening up a Phoenix/Chandler Arizona area office in January 2016. So what is offered at her wellness center? The question may as well be, what isn’t offered! She has various life-coaching packages, ranging from single sessions to three, six, or twelve-month packages. She offer’s various types of spiritual readings, including angel readings, toe readings, hypnotherapy sessions, past-life regressions, and reiki sessions, among much more.

Alise shared how she begins all of her sessions and readings by inviting in her Spiritual Guides, Holy Spirit, The Angels and Archangels. She went on to say, “clients will experience an organized coaching session that will be Spirit-Led, where the client will be in control of how the session flows. When clients come to my business, they feel empowered and leave with a feeling and knowledge that they are loved, valued, and competent.”

In regards to marketing her business, Alise shared that she uses social media, business cards, networking, press releases, word of mouth, and online marketing. Alise said, “I find that word of mouth works best, and clients leaving reviews or feedback about services and products is highly effective.”

Alise went on to reveal how her SWIHA education has changed her perspective of herself and her life:

I now know who I am and why I am here. It changed my life. My perspective has changed because I now know that each of us have a life purpose and we take different routes on that spiritual path. For me, it was first life experiences, then academic knowledge, and finally spiritual knowledge. What I didn’t know is that I had spiritual knowledge all this time! In fact, I had my first spiritual vision at age 7. With the type of knowledge that I have, I learned through SWIHA that I belong in the spiritual community to serve humanity. Therefore, that is why I am becoming an Ordained Minister.

Her parting words for future/recent SWIHA grads are as follows:

“Remember, you are loved, valued, and competent. It is important to continue to manifest and be in prayer meditations to communicate and receive direction from Spirit. The answers in which you are looking for are already within so just follow your heart.”

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