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Own Your Power and Share Your Shine


Aandra Bohlen is a tough, yet tender, six-figure entrepreneur, business consultant and certified empowerment coach whose straightforward approach to personal and professional growth has launched her into her passion and purpose.  Dedicated to helping business owners cultivate grit, clarify their ideas and bust limiting beliefs, Aandra is now serving hundreds of entrepreneurs in a loving and profitable way, while acknowledging SWIHA as one of the many experiences that helped her get where she is today.

Always having had a no-nonsense approach to her own endeavors, Aandra found herself easily coaching others through questions they had about their paths – be it personal or professional.  Knowing that this was her calling, Aandra launched her coaching business in June 2008.  She found herself effortlessly researching and sharing relevant and timeless strategies with others to help them grow their own businesses. Aandra’s coaching business encompasses marketing, self-promotion, creative selling and strategic positioning – whatever she feels is most beneficial to helping the entrepreneurs she was working with take their businesses to a new level.

 Aandra’s skills allowed her to float along for a while, yet, to her surprise, she realized she was floundering in her ability to take her own business to the next level.  She was fascinated with the evolving industry of online marketing and intuitively knew this was an area she could help other entrepreneurs understand and leverage. Deep within, Aandra knew she was destined to teach others how to promote themselves through direct marketing, flyers, newspaper ads and the rapidly evolving use of social marketing and digital advertising.  Remaining true to herself, she began to search for the missing piece of her own evolution.

One of her mother’s friends suggested she should consider attending the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, as it was clear that Aandra was gifted at coaching others, and that a Life Coaching certification from the nationally accredited college would only give her more credibility.

In 2009, Aandra attended the first 20 hours of Life Coaching offered at SWIHA to see if it was a fit for her.  She felt as though the concept of Life Coaching came to her naturally, yet she still lacked a clear idea of what the outline of her business would look like using the Transformational Life Coaching concepts upon which SWIHA’s program was designed.

Setting her intention to gather as many tools as possible, Aandra showed up that first weekend, open and willing to receive all she could. Aandra candidly recalled her initial impressions from that first weekend class:

“I recognized that first weekend, before even registering for the Life Coaching course, I was uncomfortable. While I realized I was there for more than tools, what I didn’t fully understand at the time was how hard it would be for me to open up and allow myself to learn a new way of being...

Aandra-Bohlen-SWIHA-Great-GraduateI was so used to doing all the time!  During the weekend-intensive course, many of my classmates allowed themselves to release their pent up emotions, with tears and laughter.  I recognized that I was as dry as a house.”

With complete vulnerability, Aandra continued to share her experience:

“Being open and willing, I found that by Saturday afternoon, I was melting. My heart was opening up. I was opening myself.  By Sunday, my thoughts were, ‘Where do I sign up for the full certification?’ I recognized that SWIHA was going to not only help me acquire more tools to up-level my professional coaching business, it was also going to open me up for my own personal transformation.”  Aandra now shares with her clients that “in order to grow your business, you must grow yourself”. 

“I recognized that SWIHA was going to not only help me acquire more tools to up-level my professional coaching business, it was also going to open me up for my own personal transformation.”

Aandra Bohlen

Upon completion of the 100-hour Life Coaching program

, Aandra took the tools she gained and started to incorporate them in the conversations she was having with her clients. It wasn’t until about six months later that she realized what had really shifted was her personal growth, mainly through gracefully utilizing both the exercises and tools she had learned. Aandra’s new knowledge and approach to authentic communication and personal goal-accomplishment was serving as an instrument for real, significant change that resulted in more success for both her and her clients.

“The message for me was I don’t always have to measure my transformation against that of another. By allowing it to marinate and unfold in its own divine timing, it becomes a part of who we are. I was in awe of all that was happening and all that had been activated within me.  The Life Coaching program gave me the tools I needed and was a catalyst in opening me up so I could serve more openly of myself and consequently to my clients.”  

“The message for me was I don’t always have to measure my transformation against that of another.”

Aandra Bohlen


Shortly after venturing back into her coaching, now certified, she maintained contact with her mentors and peers.  During the next few years of growing her business and networking with like-minded professionals, she received a call from her Life Coaching instructor and mentor, Richard Seaman, who was headed to Seattle to start his new business, Seattle Life Coaching.  Richard asked Aandra if she would be interested in teaching the very class that brought them together – Life Coaching at SWIHA.  Deeply humbled, Aandra felt as if she was on the edge of destiny – deep down she had dreamed of teaching for SWIHA.  She was interviewed, attended a coaching session around this new pursuit, and then stepped into the seat of the teacher, where she was once the student.  Working with KC Miller, the founder of SWIHA, who served as an additional mentor, allowed Aandra to grow into other courses that both inspired and supported her professional coaching business. Aandra became one of the instructors for the Online Entrepreneurial Support course; she has helped design and teach the Social Media class on-campus, and occasionally has the opportunity to teach the on-campus Public Speaking class.

Aandra states,

“When KC called me to use my gifts, she allowed me to declare that I was there to help those who were ready to transition from stuck, spinning and stalling, to success – including myself. My core message is: Own your power and share your shine! What I learned was that in order for us to grow our businesses, we have to be willing to grow personally with the same determination and dedication. We have to be willing to do the work, and SWIHA teaches that it is possible to do what we are her to do in a loving, kind and gentle way. When you give yourself the gift to attend this amazing holistic college, you are owning your life and business. The invitation to show up isn’t just in the four walls, it exceeds far beyond that. It opens an ‘empowerment portal’ that is accessible during your course of study and long after you’ve left the program.” 

“My core message is: Own your power and share your shine!”

Aandra Bohlen

Aandra-Bohlen-SWIHA-Great-Graduate-04In Aandra’s current business, she positions herself as a Human Potential Activist.  “I am here to help aspiring, new and slightly-seasoned entrepreneurs who are ready to show up for themselves, own their power, and share their shine. My clients recognize they are in their own way or lacking an understanding of their next step. As a strategist, I weave consulting, coaching and a whole lot of ass-kicking. I serve anyone ready to level up – someone ready to up their game and move into a place and space of out-loud-sharing-their-shine in a loving and profitable way.” 

Though she has many success stories and testimonials that can be found at, Aandra humbly shares: “What success looks like to me is when I have worked with a client and they come back to tell me: ‘I stood in my shine. I shared it with the world. I just got a new client. I told others this is what my business is and this is who I am.’ Now that’s success in my book!”

Aandra believes in being generous with all she has learned while also maintaining a balance between entrepreneurship and volunteering. She shares complimentary coaching tips via webinars, social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Persicope, as well as on her website  Recently, Aandra has launched a new Facebook Group entitled: Biz B.A.B.E.S. where she offers in-depth entrepreneurial coaching posts.

Aandra-Bohlen-SWIHA-Great-GraduateFor more information on participating in this group go to:

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As a final note of inspiration, Aandra shares: “During this journey into entrepreneurship (and life), we must be open, willing, miracle-ready and have more faith in the law of infinite possibility than the thought of lack.”  You can fully understand why Aandra Bohlen owns the thriving businesses she does!  The blessing is that she feels destined to inspire and support others in doing the same.  


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A current SWIHA student, StevieAnne is a published author and public speaker who uses comedic workshops to “Lighten up Enlightenment” – helping others find humor in their human experience and to allow us to relate with one another through laughter. Her love of humor and authentic dialogue is what earned her the position as Branding Strategist at Social Ally. There, she creates social media content that entertains, educates and engages audiences while displaying an authentic brand voice and presence for each of her clients. More of her professional blogs can be found at SocialAlly Blog

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