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Talibah Young Veverly: Tapping Into the Soul of Healing

Talibah Young VeverlyTalibah Young Veverly always knew she was meant to be a healer. When she was a child, her deep connection to the wide-open starry skies of Missouri nights made her feel like she was a part of something much greater. The vast forests around her home also echoed this sentiment. As an adult, she’s had countless synchronicities that have reminded her that she was indeed meant to be a healer.

There was the time in 2002 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento when a lady began shouting to her across the room, “You’re a healer!” She hurriedly came over to Talibah, put her hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eyes, and said “I’m a minister’s wife and I can see Jesus in your face. You’re meant to do healing work.” Then she just walked away, leaving Talibah in shock!

Then one time she had an astrological reading, where she was told “You need to write a book. When are you going to write it? You’re a master healer, and that’s the only way people are going to know who you are.” Lastly, Talibah mentioned the time she was at the Agape International center, waiting to meet Lisa Nichols, the author of the best-selling book The Secret. Out of nowhere, someone came up to her and said, “One day this will be a line that we’ll all be standing in to sign your book.”

Despite all of the signs and signal, her path to SWIHA, like many others, was initially filled with the struggle of working in a field that didn’t fulfill her heart’s true desires. She was working a stressful job at American Express, when one day, she found a SWIHA flyer on the ground. She became really excited about it! Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in the Toe Reading and Life Coaching programs. Talibah loved the instructors at SWIHA, including KC Miller the owner and founder and one of her Toe Reading instructors, Cheryl Speen.

Cheryl said of Talibah: “Once in a while you stumble upon Godliness in its raw form. And you look in awe as you witness the person before you coming from and radiating Love. That is Talibah Young Veverly. If you get the chance to stand in her presence, you would understand instantly that feeling I describe. She has a way of changing the surroundings you are in, turning the space and energy into a magical place that minutes before was nothing more than random space. There are no pretenses with Talibah -- she only sees and feels LOVE. Being in her company, she has a way of sharing herself that can ultimately change how you see things and pretty soon you are looking through Talibah’s eyes at the wondrous world around you. She has a gift and this gift makes her a very successful and dedicated Toe Reader. With her ability to see only the good in you, she easily finds your strengths and helps you to witness you in all your glory.”

Talibah Young Veverly

Talibah reported: “Going to SWIHA, I was able to meet a lot of people who truly understood where I was coming from because there were other people who had been in a similar situation. I really felt like they saw me, they saw my essence. KC, author of “Toe Reading ~ Are Your Walking Your Destined Path”, comes from a really deep place. I really related to everything she was saying. It sounded familiar to my spirit.”

Talibah’s business is aptly named, Tapping into the Soul. She named it this because “in order to live our truth and be who we truly are, we must go to the deepest part of ourselves. Our soul. I’m not the one doing the tapping. I’m just an assistant!” She is very passionate about being that assistant, “I love assisting people in accomplishing their dreams, and providing them with tools to do that in a more powerful way. This is my passion, because that is why we are here, to accomplish our dreams.”

Despite her passion for the work she does, Talibah waited several years after graduating to start her business. She struggled a bit at first with “how to get the flame ignited on the local level. How to find consistent clients, and how to keep that momentum going.” Within her sessions, she offers Toe Reading (which she views as a type of Life Coaching or Soul Coaching), herbal body wrapping, and Reiki.

Talibah shared how she feels that there is a misconception about Toe Reading; “People who are new to toe reading tend to only get one session, which isn’t the whole truth of it! It’s an ongoing work. Just as your life changes, your feet change. They aren’t static! They constantly shift, which is why multiple sessions work best.”

Talibah sees her clients in a designated room for her work at her home. Her clients are “people who feel like they’ve been really stuck and they haven’t been able to do the things they want to do. They keep coming back because they can see a difference in what is happening in their lives now.” Talibah enjoys sharing her SWIHA knowledge in every session, “It’s a wonderful experience! I’ve had people come back and say, ‘I’ve never said these words about myself.’ They were saying things that uplifted who they felt that they are! Overall, I feel empowerment in a session.”

Talibah mainly markets her business through word of mouth, referrals, business cards on bulletin boards and flyers. She also works at different healing arts related festivals. Talibah has a desire to unite with other healers:

“I feel that so many of us make these attempts to do the work on our own instead of working together. I believe that when we work together, we are stronger, because then we can form a group of healers, like in doing an event! This is where we are kind of in the struggle. There’s plenty for all of us! We don’t have to compete with anyone, because we’re each very unique in our own ways. There’s not another person on this universe that’s like me, or like you! To come together and work together would really be an enhancement!”

Talibah has some inspirational advice to share for recent SWIHA graduates:

Talibah Young Veverly“Never give up. Don’t ever give up. Never throw your hands up in the air, and say that you can’t do this, because it’s not true. I’ve run into all kinds of walls. What really motivates me are my experiences out in the world. Walking into a place and having people share how I’ve affected them when I walked into a store or during a reading. That has kept me going, knowing that there is an essence that flows out for me that attracts the attention of others, and it makes me know that I am definitely a healer, and I need to be doing my work. Pay attention to the signs, synchronicities and know that this is something that is coming from someplace else. It’s not coming from our physicality -- it’s from deep inside of us.” ~ Talibah Young Veverly

When KC Miller was asked if she had even seen Talibah’s toes, there was a deep pause of reverence. As if her eyes were sweating ever so slightly, KC said: “One woman said she saw Jesus in Talibah’s face. What I saw in her toes was the light of the Christ. By that I mean, I see a humble, destined soul, connected with the earth and the mission she came to do. I see her as a true Light-worker, helping to save people by inviting them to rise above the tomb of their stories and perceived limitations.

Reflecting further upon Talibah and her gifts, KC shared: “This ‘Woman of Service’ will gently and firmed channel words that come directly from the Divine. I heard her once say to a man after a Toe Reading: ‘Arise, take up your mat, and walk!’ The man was so dumbfounded that he fell to his knees in tears, confessing he had been sitting on the sidelines of life for so long he had forgotten his way. Talibah helped him to stand, ground, and walk away a new reborn man.”

Talibah lives by her what she calls her “TRIPLE A” message and encourages you to do the same; meaning that we must be Awake, Aware and Alert at all times. “We’re being guided, so we have to be Awake, Aware and Alert so that you can receive your messages, which are often quite subtle.”

Talibah is anything but subtle - - She is bold, bright and a brilliant ball of Divine-light!

Want to get in touch with Talibah? Check out her business Facebook page Tapping Into The Soul

; Email her at or call her @ 480-358-8109

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