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Laura Moore - Touching Hearts, Healing Souls


Laura Moore, owner of LaTouch Wellness

, is a highly-seasoned and equally high-spirited practitioner who began her massage therapist practice in Michigan over 15 years ago, where she worked in spa settings and the local YMCA. One of her most memorable experiences was working at Ora Oxygen Spa, located inside the Detroit Metropolitan International Airport, was where she offered massage therapy, manicure and pedicure services to travelers. Laura expresses her gratitude for this specific experience, as she really enjoyed meeting people from all around the world, and having the opportunity to witness the similarities in all of us. Honored to have her as one of SWIHA’s #GreatGraduates, Laura shares that her continued education with SWIHA has “offered a different approach to my healing practice”.

Upon relocating to Arizona, she discovered SWIHA and occasionally attended the monthly “Gifts & Graces” event, where SWIHA opens their doors to the public and features guest speakers with powerful messages, in addition to complimentary sessions to those attending, including Toe Reading, Life Coaching, Energywork and more. Laura always appreciated the motivational aspect of the first Friday night events, however, she didn’t quite anticipate becoming a student. Laura shares:

“I have always been one to follow my intuition, and in many instances, I walk by faith and not by sight. One day, I was prompted to explore some of the classes being offered at SWIHA and discovered the Holistic Wellness Practitioner program, with an emphasis in Spiritual Studies. I have always enjoyed learning about Spiritual principles, yet becoming a minister really wasn’t on my agenda. I enrolled in the program and am currently in the process of determining where I would like to offer my ministerial services. I am considering the possibility of volunteering as a Hospital Chaplain assistant. This is a great addition to the healing services I am currently providing.”

Laura’s practice, located in Sun City, AZ, is where she is currently using her gifts and sharing her graces - predominately with the older population, which she enjoys tremendously. Most of the clients she provides services for present some type of pain, while there are also clients who choose to receiver her sessions to relax and feel pampered. Laura enjoys offering Swedish massage and will incorporate Deep Tissue Massage techniques and Trigger Point Therapy when necessary. Sports Massage and Chair Massage sessions are also available for the clients who prefer clothed sessions.



Laura also integrates her background as a Reiki Master and is very fond of offering Energy Healing techniques incorporated with the Myofascial Energetic Massage

techniques she learned at SWIHA. She also incorporates Reflexology techniques in her full body massage sessions, as requested by clients. Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery and exploration of a “souls” journey are among the new modalities Laura has begun to incorporate into her practice, thanks to SWIHA. Laura also offers detoxifying and beauty services such as lymphatic massage, facial rejuvenation massage, body wraps and body scrubs.


Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery and exploration of a “souls” journey are among the new modalities Laura has begun to incorporate into her practice, thanks to SWIHA.

Laura always has new clients complete a health intake form, and she conducts a thorough interview with them to determine the reason for their visit. This way, her clients’ massages can be tailored specifically to their unique, respective needs and desires. One of Laura’s most recent success stories warms her heart. A few months ago, Laura assisted a client who is in her nineties and a little apprehensive about receiving massage therapy services. “The client had been experiencing back pain for months and was not sure if she would experience any relief from the service. I invited the client to schedule an appointment where she could determine if massage could possibly help her. The client felt great relief after her first session and scheduled a second one soon thereafter.” After the two sessions, she was ecstatically singing Laura’s praises and referred several other clients to her.

Laura has started to conduct an in-depth exploration of the journey of the “soul” to assist the client in uncovering emotions that may be contributing to complications within the body. “Through discovery of key emotions that may need to be healed, I assist the client with utilizing tools and techniques to help with their healing process. Bodywork will be performed in conjunction with mental and spiritual healing practices”. Laura says the main thing she values about SWIHA is that they truly incorporate healing for the mind and spirit, and not just for the physical body.

Laura says the main thing she values about SWIHA is that they truly incorporate healing for the mind and spirit, and not just for the physical body.

Laura-Moore–Touching-Hearts-Healing-Souls-SWIHA-03Listening to her own intuition has supported her in showing up as the greatest expression of self. She uses her gifts and graces to help others heal while feeling purposeful and living prosperously in her passion. She would encourage others to tap into their intuition and listen closely for direction in which they are being lead to serve. “Becoming authentic and living your life’s purpose is your ultimate goal. Do not try to follow in anyone else’s footsteps; you were born for a uniquely special purpose!”

For more information aboutLaura Moore, or to book a massage or “soul” session with her go to her website:

If you are interested in exploring any of the classes that have enriched Laura’s professional practice, such as Massage Therapy, Life Coaching or the 300-Hour Certificate of Excellence in Spiritual Studies

, go to

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