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Jennifer Csajko: Helping Others Discover Love As A Life Coach

Jennifer Csajko great graduate SWIHAJennifer Csajko was so miserable at her job and she needed a little ‘divine intervention’. She didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. “When I started learning about Law of Attraction and our thoughts and energies, I attracted SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) into my life. My yoga teacher liked the SWIHA Facebook page and when I clicked on it, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. I had to be a part of the program. That was in October and by January I had quit my job and was enrolled. Best decision I ever made!”

During her time at SWIHA, the most valuable thing that Jennifer learned was “to be my authentic self, to find my voice and share it with the world and that everyone has a unique gift to share and the world is waiting for me to share it.”

Jennifer enrolled in the Holistic Wellness Practitioner Online Program

. While she was taking the Life Coaching portion of the program, she discovered that she has always been a life coach. She just didn’t know what that was. “I've always been curious about people and relationships so it was a natural choice for me. As soon as I started taking the coaching classes I knew I had come ‘home.’ This was for me. This is what I had been waiting for. I am so passionate about helping people and helping them to create better lives all I wanted to do was be a part of that.”

After graduation she launched her business, Jennifer Csajko-Life Coach for Your Love Life

She has made it her job to help women figure out what they REALLY want in a relationship. “I support them as they take action towards creating the relationship of their dreams and getting the love they want. I help women who are single (and done mingling) or who feel stuck in their relationship move forward. While working with me I help my clients gain clarity and create a plan of action towards getting the relationship they REALLY want.”

Working from her home in New York, she offers hour long sessions that are done either by phone or Skype. They are exclusively done one-on-one so she able to give her clients individualized attention. Clients are welcome to email her in between sessions with anything that comes up. Her offers include one-on-one coaching for 60 minute sessions. She also offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to new potential clients.

When Jennifer is working with clients she is super clear about what they are working towards. “Together I help my clients:

  • Like themselves
  • Appreciate themselves
  • Feel all around better about what an amazing human they are
  • Create awareness of what they want and how to communicate it
  • Wake up happier and more confident
  • Be fulfilled right now
  • Become more confident in their ability to go out there and make your dreams happen.”

In addition to all of that, she helps clients gain clarity and create a plan of action towards getting the relationship they REALLY want.
Jennifer knows exactly who she is here to help. The women she works with are:

  • Experiencing fears around being single
  • Worried they won’t find “The ONE”
  • Don’t believe they can “have it all” in a relationship
  • Hearing a little voice inside of them saying “Is this it…?”
  • Find that their biological clock is ticking and aren’t sure what to do about it.
  • Getting all sorts of “Should” pressure from family, friends and social media– “You SHOULD get out there!” “You SHOULD be married already!” “You SHOULD want what everyone else has!” You SHOULD just settle for next guy who smiles at you so you can get the diamond and the wedding!”
  • Afraid they’ll be single forever.
  • Dating and nothing is working.
  • Wondering “What’s wrong with me…?”

Jennifer Csajko great graduate SWIHAJennifer uses a lot of the SWIHA tools in her sessions. Her clients find them extremely helpful when trying to navigate through their ‘stuff’. They can also use it on their own which is very valuable. When discussing client success stories, Jennifer shares that she has noticed a pattern among her clients. “Once you start loving yourself, believing you DESERVE to be loved, changing the way you think and the energy you put out into the world magical things start happening. Everyone always comes to me with one issue and leaves realizing something completely different -- that ‘something different’ always revolves around loving themselves, believing they deserve to be loved and changing the way they think and the energy they put out into the world. It always comes back to them. It rarely has anything to do with the other person in the relationship. My favorite part about coaching is watching as they start to realize this and then start living it!”

When it comes to getting the word out about her business, Jennifer uses her blog, email list, Facebook, and Pinterest. She also has a Facebook Group called My Dream Love Life. She creates love challenges, with another life coach, that are super fun and help their tribe connect with their partners as well as with themselves. She benefits from belonging to other Facebook groups as well.

Her biggest challenge has been getting over the fear of putting herself out there and finding clients. Jennifer admits “writing content, sharing your ideas and thoughts can be terrifying. People didn’t always understand my work, so I used to feel intimidated to share my voice. It's definitely gotten easier; sometimes it’s still scary to put myself out there.”

On the bright side, Jennifer shares, “I think the easiest part of starting my business was being creative, connecting with people and coaching. That's the fun stuff -- that's what comes the easiest to me. I love to create. I love to connect. I love to coach.”

Jennifer Csajko great graduate SWIHAJennifer agrees with so many graduates before that SWIHA changed her perspective in a positive way. “SWIHA helped me see that I am not alone, that there are other like-minded people out there and how I view the world isn't crazy. It opened my mind to see that there is a whole other way of living that you can be a part of. You can have a career that you love and make money doing it. You can change the way you think, eat, live and love if you are willing to do the work. It helped me understand how connected we all are to each other.”

Jennifer’s message to SWIHA students and graduates is “to follow your passion. When I started I had intended to become a holistic health coach. While health and nutrition is still a huge passion of mine, I fell in love (no pun intended) with relationship and dating coaching. So, find what resonates with you and do that lovingly.”

There are many ways to connect with Jennifer: | | Pinterest | | Instagram

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